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Hey Folks,

Hope all is well with everyone. Ocala, this Wednesday night is Music Bingo at the Black Sheep. Come play for a chance to win some great gift cards. Show starts at 7:00.

We have some fun themed shows headed your way. These shows will include part one of Phase 3 of the Marvel movies AND part one of a Harry Potter show. I'll have more details for you in the next couple of weeks.



Monday, 7:30 at the Eagles Club. Anyone is welcome to play.



Tuesday, 7:00 at NY Pizza



The first Wednesday of the month, 7:00  at the Toad Stool.


Ocala: 7:00.

Monday - O'Calahan's

Tuesday - The Beach AND The Lodge

Wednesday - Lorito's

Thursday - The Black Sheep


Here is this week's bonus question: What was the first NASA mission named for a living individual?


Here is last week's bonus and answer:

Q - The worst extinction event on Earth is named what?

A - Permian-Triassic Extinction which happened 250 million years ago.


Have a great week everyone!



Last update:April 11, 2021


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