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Second & Fourth Wednesday of every month - Lightnin' Salvage

Music Bingo:

Firday - Eagles Club


Tuesday, New York Pizza Plus


Wednesday - The Toad Stool.


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The Lodge

Silver Springs Pizza

Wednesday - Lorito's Italian Kitchen

Thursday - The Black Sheep

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Black Sheep


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Hey Folks!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! 

I am excited to announce that we are starting a new show in Williston. Join us this Thursday night at Sirius Munchies starting at 7:00. Help us get the word out so that we can start this show off with a bang!

Music Bingo:
We are doing music bingo every Friday night at the Eagles club in Gainesville. Show starts at 7:00.

This week's bonus question comes from our friend Dan the Man. Dan is one of our two regular bartenders on Wednesday night at the Toad Stool:

Who created the portrait of Washington on the one dollar bill? 

Here is last week's bonus and answer:

Q - Who is considered the Mother of Thanksgiving?
A - Sarah Josepha Hale 

Have a great week!


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