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Hey Everyone!


Hope all is great! We are going to have part 1 of the Phase 3 Marvel Movies on May 19th. It will be at our Wednesday night show at Lorito's Italian Kitchen. The trivia will consist of the movies starting from Civil War to Ragnarok. There will also be a costume contest!



Monday, 7:30 at the Eagles Club. Anyone is welcome to play.



Tuesday, 7:00 at NY Pizza



The first Wednesday of the month, 7:00  at the Toad Stool.


Ocala: 7:00.

Monday - O'Calahan's

Tuesday - The Beach AND The Lodge

Wednesday - Lorito's

Thursday - The Black Sheep


Here is this week's bonus: Sister Susanne Bunn is better known by what name?


Here is last week's bonus and answer:

Q - What is the official state beverage of Kentucky?

A - Milk.


Have a great week!



Last update:May 10, 2021


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