Monday - The Eagles Club 7:30

Second & Fourth Wednesday of every month - Lightnin' Salvage

Music Bingo:

Firday - Eagles Club


Tuesday, New York Pizza Plus


Wednesday - The Toad Stool.


Monday - O'Calahan's

Tuesday - The Beach

The Lodge

Silver Springs Pizza

Wednesday - Lorito's Italian Kitchen

Thursday - The Black Sheep

Two Wednesdays* every month

Black Sheep


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Hey Folks!

Gainesville, it's Lightnin' Salvage time again this Wednesday night. Come join us for some pizza and cold drinks. The show starts at our regular time of 7:00.

Keystone Heights, this is your reminder about music bingo this Tuesday starting at 6:00, trivia will start at 7:00 as normal. Music Bingo is free to play, and we will have prizes for the winners. 

Williston, this is our week off from Willard's so we will see you next week, on the 29th.

For the record, I have not forgotten about the SpongeBob trivia show or about the 90's show. I promise they will happen soon. 

Music Bingo:

Don't forget we are at the Eagles club, in Gainesville, every Friday night for music bingo. 

Bonus Question:

This week's bonus question comes from our friend Tyler. Tyler has played at NY Pizza Plus in Alachua. This is a great question and the kind of questions we want.

What is the speed of sound in air and what is the speed of sound in steel? 

Don't forget that you win an Imagine Entertainment t-shirt or cap if we use your question. Make sure to email it to: triviabonusquestion@yahoo.com and write the word "bonus" on the subject line.

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