SHOWS- All shows start at 7:00 unless stated.


Gainesville- The Eagles Club (7:30)

Ocala- O'calahan's


Keystone Heights- McHenry's

Alachua- NY Pizza Plus

Ocala- The Beach Ocala, The Lodge

Williston- Homestead Park (starts in August, possibly a 7:30 show)


Gainesville- Mother's North, Lightnin' Salvage (2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month).

Ocala- Lorito's Italian Kitchen

Morriston- Willard's (every other Wednesday, it rotates every 5th Wednesday in a month).


Williston- Sirius Munchies (6:00)

Ocala- Black Sheep


Gainesville- Eagles Club Music Bingo 


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Hey Folks!

Hey Folks,

Is it just me that thinks it's crazy that it's August already? Okay, a few things to bring up this week-

Williston, we start our new show this Tuesday at Homestead Park at 7:00. Come on out and help us get this new show started. Of course, you can still join us at our regular Thursday night show at Sirius Munchies as we use different questions. 

Ocala, we are happy to announce that we are starting a new music bingo show at Lorito's. Starting Tuesday, August 23rd, join us at 7:00 for some great prizes and music. 

Gainesville, it's music bingo night at the Eagles Club every Friday night.  

90's week is going to happen this month. I'll give you the exact week in the next update.

Music Bingo-

Keystone Heights, this Thursday is music bingo time again. The fun starts at 7:00. 

This week's bonus comes from our friend Stephanie. She plays at Lorito's on Wednesday nights with the team Island Hoppers. She wins her choice of an Imagine Entertainment t-shirt or cap. Here is Stephanie's question:

What animal emits pink sweat?

Email us a trivia question to triviabonusquestion@yahoo.com, remember to write the word 'bonus' on the subject line. If we use it, you win a cap or a t-shirt. 

Have a great week!