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Hey Everyone,

Ocala, this Wednesday night we are starting our first Music Bingo show. Join us at the Black Sheep at 7:00. Music Bingo is a fun spin on traditional bingo that allows you to jam out to snippets of songs while playing competitively against others to win prizes. Our first show will consist of music from the 70's and music from the 80's.



Monday, 7:30 at the Eagles Club. Anyone is welcome to play.



Tuesday, 7:00 at NY Pizza



The first Wednesday of the month, 7:00  at the Toad Stool.


Ocala: 7:00.

Monday - O'Calahan's

Tuesday - The Beach AND The Lodge

Wednesday - Lorito's

Thursday - The Black Sheep


Where would you find the highest concentration of shipwrecks in the world?


Here is last week's bonus and answer:

Q - What was the first Canadian band on MTV?

A - April Wine.


Have a great week!



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